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One of the largest investments in your home or business is carpeting.  In order to protect your investment, periodic care is needed in the form of a thorough and professional cleaning.  Niagara’s carpet cleaning system has developed and refined an expert care system to remove dirt and allergens, leaving your carpet looking clean and new.

Niagara’s cleaning methods include both wet and dry cleaning, for the majority of synthetic, natural, and blended fibers.  Of these, our recommended method of choice is warm water extraction.  This is by far the most powerful and effective method of cleaning and drying available in the cleaning industry today.

Our courteous and efficient technicians are trained and nationally certified in all dirt, sport, and stain removal techniques in treatment of all natural and synthetic carpets.

Los Angeles Carpet Repair

We offer many different types of carpet repairs. Open seams are unsightly and can often lead to a tripping hazard. Ugly, worn areas, permanent stains or burns can be patched and our expert repairmen can also remove ripples and waves in the carpet.

Talk to our carpet experts at 818-503-9447 or 310-657-6072 so that we may help you with all your carpet cleaning needs!

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